Parenting Plans

In any family conflict the children should be the priority and decisions should always be made in their best interest regardless of the parent’s relationship. In most cases it is recognized that spending time and having a relationship with both parents is in the children’s best interest.

Decision Making
Decision making refers to all the significant decisions that need to be made with respect to the raising of children such as medical, education, extracurricular activities, religion etc. Typically, in low conflict relationships, parents have joint decision making, regardless of the residency schedule.

Parenting Time
Parenting time sets out when the children will be in the care of each parent. It can be shared or primary to one parent. When deciding on the parenting time consideration should be given to work schedules, distance from school and activities, suitable accommodation etc.

In addition to the weekly schedule the yearly holiday schedule is also considered when outlining parenting time.

Parenting Plan
A Parenting Plan is a document that outlines the details of the children’s care and co-parenting commitments. The plan can be as flexible or detailed as the parents feel necessary and can change and evolve as the children get older. Parenting Plans provide not only structure for the parents but stability for the children.