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Mediation – The Amicable Alternative

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Separation and Divorce Mediation

Mediation is a voluntary and collaborative process facilitated by a neutral third party.

The Mediator’s Role is to assist the parties to identify their specific issues and encourage them to work towards mutually beneficial resolutions in a supportive and non-adversarial environment.  The Mediator works for both parties and will not influence or make any decisions on their behalf.

Typical issues to be resolved and documented in your Separation Agreement are:

  • Property Division & Equalization
  • Determine Decision-Making and Parenting Time
  • Parenting Plan
  • Child Support & Extraordinary Expenses
  • Spousal Support


The goal is to achieve an equitable division of property and ensure the financial health of both parties.


In any family conflict the children are the priority and decisions should always be made in their best interest.


Child Support and Spousal Support calculations are both areas of expertise at Alternatives Mediation.

The Alternatives Difference

Separation and divorce may be common – but you are not a statistic!

Every marriage and family are unique and during this difficult time your issues and goals are also unique. There is no “standard” separation. Our personalized service packages ensure that you are only investing the time and money necessary to reach YOUR agreement!


Mediation is a respectful, affordable and efficient Alternative to an adversarial, lengthy and expensive legal battle.

  • Save Time & Money: Litigation is expensive and open-ended. At Alternatives Mediation we proceed at your pace and a Custom Service Package will detail your costs before you begin.
  • Control Process & Outcome: You determine the issues to be addressed and the ultimate settlement decisions.
  • Private & Voluntary: Mediation is confidential and the process can be terminated at any time, for any reason.
  • Preserve Relationships: The process strives to minimize the emotional strain on the parties, their children and extended family.
  • Lasting Agreement: An agreement drafted by the parties themselves has a better chance of being adhered to then one imposed by a judge.

Divorce Financial Analyst?

The division of property at the dissolution of a marriage can have a significant impact on your immediate and future financial security.

It is extremely important that all financial documents are prepared correctly and that both parties understand the consequences of their decisions. This process can be quite complex and should be handled by a qualified professional such as a Divorce Financial Analyst.