Frequently Asked Questions

You must be clear on the facts to make informed decisions.

Will I still need a lawyer?


At the conclusion of your mediation you will be provided with a Mediated Agreement detailing all the decisions you made throughout.  This is the foundation of a domestic contract (Separation Agreement) that becomes legally binding once it is dated, witnessed and signed. 

As a Mediator I cannot provide legal advice. Prior to signing any legal document it is strongly recommended that you seek Independent Legal Advice (ILA) to ensure you understand your rights and obligations under the law with respect to the decisions they are making. Failure to obtain ILA could put your agreement at risk in the future. 


Why Use a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst?


The division of property at the dissolution of a marriage can have a significant impact on your immediate and future financial security. Unlike support calculations and parenting plans (which can be revised if circumstances change) the property portion of a Separation Agreement is final. Therefore it is extremely important that all financial issues are addressed, that both parties understand the consequences of their decisions and that the final documents are prepared correctly.  This process can be quite complex and should be handled by a qualified professional.

What is Custody Vs Access?

Custody refers to the right to make major decisions that affect the children such as their medical care, education and religion. This differs from Access, which refers to the time the children spend in the care of each parent. It is possible to have joint custody without the children spending equal time with each parent. Shared Custody for purposes of child support requires the children to spend a minimum of 40% in the care of each parent.